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Train w/ Clint Sporman

Clint Sporman began his training in 1992, under world renowned researcher, practitioner, and WWII Combatives Instructor with over 40 years of experience, Carl Cestari (1958-2007). Sporman continued intensive systematic training in all aspects of Close-Quarters Combat for the next fourteen years. Cestari, combined his 40+ years of training and Real World Experience and developed one of the most effective systems of Close-Quarters Battle ever devised! Prior to Cestari's untimely passing in 2007.  Mr. Cestari designated Clint Sporman, his number one protégé, and his official successor upon his passing. This designation is unanimously recognized and supported by me personally, Carol Cestari, Cestari’s longtime cadre of instructors and closest friends.  Clint's website is: http://www.gutterfighting.org 


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